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What Is a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a legally binding contract used to address important matters which arise during a separation and divorce. Rather than having to wait for a year to resolve these matters, as is the case sometimes, it allows both parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement upon separating in regards to child custody and access, child support, spousal support, and a division of property, assets, and debts. Separation agreements can be drafted and approved by both parties at any time during the marriage or common law cohabitation or immediate after separating.

Do I Need Help from a Toronto Family Law Firm?

Separation agreements are complex legal documents. For this reason, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from a qualified and experienced family law firm in Toronto, like Niroomand Law. Going through separation and divorce is normally a rather stressful time for both parties. The proceedings can be full of emotions, from hurt and sadness to anger and contempt, depending upon the circumstance of the separation and divorce. Even in cases where you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are not speaking, it is possible to still negotiate and reach a separation agreement using mediation and family lawyers in Toronto.

How Does Having a Separation Agreement Help?

By taking the time to negotiate an agreement, it actually helps expedite the divorce process. Having a separation agreement eliminates any uncertainties about child custody and access, child and spousal support, and a division of assets and debts. Both parties know exactly who is responsible for what since the agreement clearly defines each person’s obligations and rights. Additionally, the courts do not have to get involved to make important decisions for the divorcing couple.

Can Separation Agreements Be Modified?

Since Canadian Law requires divorcing couples to wait for a year before granting the divorce, things can change. As such, modifications to basic separation agreements are not uncommon. For instance, the parent paying spousal or child support might lose their job or the custodial parent needs to relocate for a new job opportunity. Anytime there is a need to modify a separation agreement, you will want help from an experienced separation agreement lawyer.

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