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Child custody and access are one of the most psychologically and stressful aspects to separation and divorce. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the reason for the divorce, one or both parents sometimes are tempted to use their children as leverage when attempting to negotiate a separation agreement. However, this is never a good idea, nor is it fair for your children to be used as tools in the divorce proceedings. In addition, the court will quickly see through this and it could actually hurt your custody or access to the minor children.

Emotions tend to run high in matters pertaining to children. It is for this reason it is always in your best interests to retain the services of divorce lawyers in Toronto, like from Niroomand Family Law. Your lawyer is there to provide guidance, sound legal advice, and recommendations that are in your best interests. They will assist you in preparing and negotiating child custody and access agreements as part of your separation agreement.

Is It Possible to Modify a Child Custody and Access Agreement?

It is important you follow all child custody and access agreements in place, even if they are not to your liking. Not adhering to the agreement, whether it was arranged through a separation agreement or ordered by the court, actually hurts your chances for seeking a modification in child custody or access. There are times when modifications to the original agreement are necessary, like if either party’s income levels change, one parent wants to relocate and take the children with them, or one parent is no longer fit to be custodial parent.

Your Toronto family lawyer files the appropriate paperwork with the court to request a modification to the current agreement. It is important to file for a modification anytime there is a change in status which will have a negative impact on the children or their well-being and development, including:

  • If the child has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused.
  • If the other parent develops a substance abuse problem.
  • If the other parent neglects the needs of the children, like food, clothing, and medical care.
  • If the other parent refuses access to the children as per the existing child custody and access agreement.
  • For parents with joint custody, if the other parent is making major decisions for the children, without consulting with you.
  • Refusing to provide you with information about your children’s whereabouts, well-being or health.
  • If the other parent is negatively influencing the children against you.

Parents must provide a stable environment for their children, even when there are separating and going through a divorce. It is essential to be consistent and follow custody and access agreements, no matter the type of custody and access you presently have, until a request for a modification can be made. In addition, listen to the advice of your experienced family lawyer in Toronto. You will want to discuss all potential outcomes with your lawyer, as well as what your objectives are and reasons why you want the modification.

Using a child custody lawyer to represent your interests helps prevent conflict between the parents and protects your interests. Never enter into a child custody and access dispute without proper legal representation. Once in court, the judge will evaluate what is in the best interests of the children when deciding whether to make a modifications to the original child custody and access agreement. For more information about child custody and access or assistance in filing a modification to an existing agreement, contact Niroomand Family Lawtoday at 800-567-0256.

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