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Hossein Niroomand has been practicing law since 2003. Mr. Niroomand specializes in family law matters, including prenuptial (marriage) agreements, separation agreements, divorce, child custody and access, spousal support, and child support. Hossein is admitted to the Ontario Bar and is fully capable of representing anyone facing divorce, as well as provide assistance for disabled and injured people. He demonstrates sensitivity and compassion towards his clients during this difficult and often stressful period of time in their lives.

Mr. Niroomand is a well-respected family law lawyer in Toronto within the legal community by his peers, the courts, and judges. He has extensive experience with mediating, arbitrating, and negotiating fair settlements. In addition, he has a strong presence in trial courts and confronting and managing the aggressive tactics used by other defense lawyers.

Hossein personally oversees to every detail in the progress of your case to alleviate the stress common with divorce and family law issues. He develops sound strategies to deliver the most appropriate results for his clients. Besides representing clients facing family law issues and divorce, Mr. Niroomand has represented clients in motor vehicle accident, personal injury, slip and fall, and disability insurance litigations and trials.

Please feel free to contact Niroomand Family Law at 800-567-0256to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your divorce and family law concerns, or other legal matters.

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